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There are several types of injunctions that a person may need for themselves, or on behalf of a child, in order to feel secure and safe. There is an Injunction against Domestic Violence, Repeat Violence (sexual violence, or dating violence), Stalking, and chapter 39 dependency injunctions. It is imperative that you file the correct injunction in order to have the best opportunity to be successful with obtaining your injunction for protection. There are some instances when there is an injunction filed against you, and it is a fabricated petition, usually to obtain an advantage in a pending domestic case. It is important to defend yourself against an injunction, any violation of the same can result in a criminal charge. Injunctions should be filed when there is a true fear of violence, and not just to harass another person. If you have a criminal charge against you, you must be careful at your hearing, as anything that is said can and will be used against you in your criminal case and all injunction hearings are recorded. Injunctions may seem as though they are not that important, but there are a lot of consequences that can arise if your case is not taken care of properly. 

Here at Schwam-Wilcox & Associates our attorneys have a lot of experience with criminal and domestic issues which make the representation of your injunction more comprehensive. 

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