Divorce modification in Florida
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Divorce modification in Florida

When you signed a divorce agreement with your former spouse, it was an agreement for that moment in time. If the situation does not change substantially, it can be considered a final document. But sometimes life situations change in a dramatic fashion. Some aspects can be modified, and some cannot. During divorce, you may have agreed to an equitable distribution of your assets and liabilities. Once this is agreed to be ordered, it cannot be changed unless new information is found (such as hidden assets) within one year of the divorce.

Typically a divorce agreement/order can be modified when a substantial change happens in the lives of either parent or the children that with affect the child related issues or alimony, nothing else is modifiable. A Modification has a more difficult burden to prove; therefore, you want to be sure you get the best outcome for your case in the original case, and do not rely on a modification to change what you are “too tired” to worry about during the original matter.

Before you hire an attorney, be sure to get the facts of what requests you are making to be modified, as you may have no standing to obtain the relief you seek, be sure you meet with an attorney you can trust to give you the truth and not just an attorney who wants to have a new case. At Schwam-Wilcox & Associates, we give you the facts and straight talk and let you know when you have a strong case, a weak case, or no case at all.

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