Domestic partner agreements
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Domestic partner agreements

For GLBT couples, as well as heterosexual couples who choose not to get married, family law issues can be extremely complicated. Lawyers need to work creatively within the bounds of the law to see that domestic partners get the legal rights they deserve. At Schwam-Wilcox & Associates in Orlando, our lawyers have the knowledge to create customized agreements for domestic partners throughout Central Florida.​

What a domestic partner agreement can accomplish

domestic partnership agreement can be used by all unmarried couples, whether of the opposite or same sex. It is a written contract between you and your partner that is primarily used to address protecting your assets and the sharing of income, expenses, and property. It supports your ownership rights and clarifies your intentions for the distribution of your property if you die or your relationship ends. You can also use a domestic partner agreement to identify responsibility for non-financial matters such as who will handle household duties, although courts tend to provide limited remedies for these so-called personal service agreements. Our domestic partner agreement attorneys will help you set clear ground rules. The agreement can help your relationship run more smoothly and ease the handling of disputes in case of separation or death. Unfortunately, the issue of domestic partner rights often comes up only when a couple is separating. The rules of divorce do not apply. Still, many couples have purchased property together and children may be involved; these are issues that need to be sorted out.​

Learn more about domestic partner agreements

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