High conflict divorce and significant assets

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This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. In this guide, we will address the most common questions and concerns related to alimony in Florida, helping you navigate the complex terrain of this important aspect of divorce law.

There is a lot of emotion involved with a dissolution (divorce) case, and it is even more stressful when there are minor children involved. It is best to treat your case as if it were a business deal, but how can you do that when you are in fear of what the future holds? What will you do with the assets that you are awarded when your spouse took care of all of that in the past? What is going to happen to your children, your vacation home in the mountains, your family business? These are all valid concerns and you must have an attorney that you can trust. Make sure they have experience with high conflict cases that include children and significant assets.

Equitable Distribution is how assets and liabilities are “split” in the state of Florida. However, do you want to remain a business partner with your former spouse after the dissolution is finalized? Was the corporation properly listed as a party in the case? Does your attorney have the necessary experience to be sure that you, your children and your business are being protected?

High conflict can result in the need for more evaluations for parties and their businesses. or other assets. High conflict cases usually require a team effort and not just your legal team. In addition, you may need a financial expert, a business valuator, a parenting plan evaluator, or a social investigation. There is a lot that goes into a case that has high conflict and significant assets.

Be sure you have an attorney you can trust to assist you in navigating through your case in order to protect your children, your assets and yourself. No matter how hard you try to treat your case like a business decision, there are still emotions to deal with. Your attorney can help you get through the rough patches and get on the path to have a successful post dissolution life.

Schwam-Wilcox & Associates has the experience you need to deal with high conflict, and high asset cases. Camy Schwam-Wilcox is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator, a Collaboratively trained attorney, and a Guardian Ad Litem. She has a rounded prospective you will need to reach your reasonable goals. Collaborative law is an alternative to litigation that helps keep your assets confidential, and not part of the public record.

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