Prenuptial agreements in Florida
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Prenuptial agreements in Florida

Prenuptial Agreements are designed for people who want to protect themselves and their children. They are not a sign of distrust; they are a means of planning ahead. If you are getting married and are interested in planning ahead, the lawyers at  Schwam-Wilcox & Associates in Orlando can help. Prior to marriage, we can assist with the creation of prenuptial agreements, also referred to as premarital agreements or marriage contracts. We can also handle postnuptial agreements, which are created during the marriage.

How to create an effective prenuptial agreement

Customization and clarity are the keys to an effective prenuptial agreement. When you discuss your case with one of our prenuptial agreement attorneys, you will not just be given a form to fill out. We will take the time to listen to you and understand your situation. Is this your first marriage? Your second marriage? Do you have children from a previous relationship? What assets would you like your spouse-to-be to have in the event of a divorce? When we get all of the necessary information, we will craft a document that makes sense for you.

When we create your prenuptial agreement, we will use clear language to ensure that there are no misunderstandings. We will make certain that there is complete disclosure of all assets. There needs to be transparency so that nothing can be disputed. Furthermore, we will represent only you. Your spouse-to-be will be encouraged to enlist his or her own attorney to review the document. When the document is signed, we will have a court reporter present to record that there was no coercion and that both sides understand the prenuptial agreement. Essentially, we do everything possible to create an ironclad document.

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