Where should the child be enrolled in school during the dissolution/paternity action?

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The toughest part of a dissolution/paternity action is right at the beginning when there are no rules or orders to follow, and there are children involved. Each parent may want their children to attend the school closer to where they are residing, but clearly, there is not a clear solution to this problem, if the child is starting kindergarten or pre-school. If the children are already attending school, and the parents cannot agree to change the school, the child should remain in the same school until the judge rules otherwise; however, that is not the problem… the real issue is, where do I enroll my child for kindergarten?

The worst thing that parents can do is enroll their child in a school in each of their districts. This frustrates the school administration and causes extra stress for the child(ren) and the parents. The unfortunate truth is, the Judges do not find this issue to be an emergency; therefore, you are not likely to get an emergency or expedited hearing on this issue just because school commences in a week or ten (10) days.

The best way to pre-plan for a child who is starting school is to address the issue in June of the year they will start school, this way if the parents cannot agree upon a school, they will have ample time to have the matter heard by a judge to make the decision for them. Yes, it is always best for parents to make the decisions about rearing their children; however, sometimes this is just not possible, and judicial intervention is required.

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